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Child Custody

Customized Approach

At Davis-Sanders Law, we listen to your goals for your family and provide you with a realistic assessment of what is obtainable. In all cases, we seek to reach a favorable outcome that is in the best interests of our clients and their children.

Child Custody: Services

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

There is no longer a distinction between sole or joint legal custody. The law now refers to allocation of parental responsibilities, which is a determination of who makes the important decisions concerning the welfare of the child. Those important decisions include healthcare, religious upbringing, education, and extracurricular activities. Contact us today to solidify your parental rights and responsibilities.


Any time divorced or separated parents move to a new town or new school district, the impact of the move on both the child and the other parent must be considered. In many counties in Illinois, a move is considered a "relocation" when the child’s primary residence is moving more than 25 miles away. Contact us to help navigate your child's move.


One of the first steps in any custody case is determining paternity. This can be accomplished via a voluntary acknowledgement or by obtaining a court-ordered paternity test. Contact us for help in determining or confirming paternity for your child.


Non-custodial parents in Illinois have a right to reasonable parenting time with their children. That right cannot be restricted unless the parent with the majority of the parenting time proves in court that the other parent poses a serious physical, mental, emotional, or moral danger to the child. Contact us if you would like assistance establishing a parenting schedule for your child.

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