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Useful Resources

Illinois Legal Aid Online

For more than 20 years, Illinois Legal Aid Online (ILAO) has simplified the law so that people can seek justice and resolve their problems, especially those from historically oppressed communities and groups.

Family Law Resources- Cook County

Informational poster providing resources such as mediation services, legal service help desks, and how to obtain a free attorney.

Free Legal Help- Cook County

Informational poster providing resources for free legal services across multiple practice areas.

DuPage County Legal Aid

Volunteer attorneys are available for cases involving family issues, such as divorce, custody and child support, and other practice areas.

American Bar Association- Free Legal Answers

If you have a civil (non-criminal) legal question, you can ask it for free and a volunteer lawyer will send you an answer. It is like a virtual legal clinic, but attorneys do not go to court with you or help beyond answering your question.

Legal Resources: Legal Resources
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