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Illinois Eliminates Most Child Support Interest Charges

The state is no longer charging interest on late child support payments that are made through the Department of Healthcare and Family Services unless it’s ordered by a court, and all of the outstanding interest charges that those parents owed have been zeroed out. Contact us to see if your child support has been effected.


Illinois Minimum Wage Increases

On Jan. 1, 2022 the state's minimum wage increased to $12 per hour.
The rate will continue to increase on Jan. 1 each year until it hits $15 per hour on Jan. 1, 2025. Contact us to see how your child support may be effected.


Chicago Landlords Have New Duties Under Fair Notice Ordinance

The Chicago Fair Notice Ordinance mandates that landlords provide extended notice periods if they intend to terminate or not renew a tenant's lease. Contact us if you would like help ensuring you are giving or have received appropriate notice.


Illinois Now Allows Virtual Will Signings

Illinois now allows virtual will signings. Contact us to schedule one today.

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